Vintage lava lamps

The Lamp which is not just a thing to give light but which is symbol of a culture is called Lava Lamp. Lava Lamp was developed by a scientist in 1963 it came out of the lab and began to show sign of popularity in mid sixties. Its magical and hypnotic light allure greater mass and by seventies it became a symbol of retro generation. One can call it cool or catchy, but nobody can deny their iconic existence that has appealing effect on contemporary culture from many generations. It had long and strong association with hippie culture and that era of sixties, seventies. Since then it has been lightening the dormitories, living room, Bedroom, restaurants and many more uncountable places and people�s heart. It has always been proven a best accessory with brilliant appearance.

Engineer Ed. Carven Walker�s bizarre experimental lamp took which had mixture of wax compound and water based liquid, when given heat it begins to meat and form glob and gave a strange motion pattern. It was basic upon very simple science but it has very strange hypnotic effects. Craven took this interesting Lamp adventure to the people and sold it, in the banner name of Astro Light.

He got impressive results but it got fancy of two American businessman and they took it back home from Germany tradeshow, and made it available to people living other side of globe. Its popularity spread like a virus. Because of its lava type movement it is called Lava Lamp in USA, Europe than Astro Lamp.Astro lamp was very peculiar in looks; it had gold sealing cap and Gold Base with very popular Red light shed.

Vintage Lava lamp are those lamp which are from Retro age, they have very distinct looks and lighting style. Vintage lamps are very popular among the lava lamp enthusiastic.

There were variety of lamps available in seventies and they are till date famous. They have very strong contemporary culture aroma and influence. If we look at the catalog of Lava Lamp for the year 1970, we could make out the fact that they were of completely different genre. �The Consort� had very strong masculine looks which was best suited for study or dormitories and for Ex Suites. �The Enchantress� which had plastic base with exquisite green floral pattern, is perfect accessory to lighten your heart & soul.

Vintage Lava Lamp has world of their own, Light your home with one of those enchanting lights.
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