Motion lava lamps

Lava lamp is the most wonderful innovation of our times it not only gives us soothing light and incredible patterns of blob but also present the perfect example of smartly put together scientific principle.

Lava lamp has a long history of lightening the world since they came into existence in, id sixties, they befriended with hippies made them its slave, they rocked the retro tune and till date they are giving new twist and turn to new technological world. Motion lamps are based up on very simple principle and hence they form a very simple lightening article. They have a very simple and basic ingredient which makes this incredibly beautiful and pattern oriented blob motion lamp. A compound having quality of making up into or truing into blob i.e. floating lumps of compounds.

A compound in with the blob making material or similar other compound can float. A lamp or glass bottle which can give light and heat to the aforementioned compound. To make the floating blob one must have two immiscible compounds. It explains that the discussed matter must have such chemical property that they do not get dissolved once they are put together. It means that when these types of two liquids are formed they must retain their original chemical property.

One such classic compound which is mutually insoluble is wax material and water. When such wax mater is mixed with some water based liquid material then they great drama coming together. The rocking thing about the motion lamps are they create unique blobs that rise high and fall down with dramatic fashion. Well to make this happen one must choose mutually insoluble material very smartly.

Now these two compounds must vary in their densities so that blob can move up with beautifully pattern. The key to factor in motion lamp is to achieve the perfect balance between the densities such that at a time one material�s density should be high and other�s low, and vise versa. This difference results in formation of blob.

This makes the motion lamp most incredible lamp of all. One must take good care of once motion lamp as it is made up of fragile ingredients like glass lamp/bottle, liquid material.

One must keep it where no external impact can be put on it. It must be kept flat and stationary. Do not shake or stiff it as this will misbalance the liquid & matter combination. Do not let it on for more than 10 hours; use only advised bulbs for replacements.
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