Make your own lava lamp

Lava Lamp as its name suggests it gives the feeling of floating Lava in a bottle hence it is called Lava Lamp. It was created in laboratory by an engineer who soon came out of laboratory and became a historical icon.

Lava lamp gained it peak popularity in mid sixties and seventies. . It lighted ever house, dorm and heart with is gold base and red light avatar. Lamp come in various types of lights like blue, yellow, red and blue and also it has multiple variations like glitter, crystal and Grande etc.

Lava lamps are incredibly beautifully motion lamps which are most suitable for lightening your study, living room, bed room and they make the best gift ever! Lava lamps are very mesmerizing.

They do fancy everybody and you love to own them but as soon as you grab them and scan the price you put it back. Do not be dishearten, Lava lamp can be made at home. Though it won't give you same finish like market but it will be definitely be adventurous and memorable project.

You need to take 16 Oz or 64 Oz soda bottle. You will need to have glass bottle � filled with vegetable oil. You need to add rest � bottle filled with water. Make sure not to overflow the water out of bottle. Now add around 10 drops of edible color. This will give your lamp colorful.

Now take airborne tablet or alka-seltzer tablets and cut it into 8 parts. Now put one or more than one piece into the water and vegetable mix to give it color effect. As soon as you put the tablets into the mixture it will start giving you bubbles. As soon as bubbling clams down, add one or more than one tablet in to the mixture & wait again for the bubbling to stop. Repeat this process until you finish with all the pieces of tablet.

Now close the bottle and shake a little and leave it, you will see the liquid begin to join and make begin to build a lava blob. Now put a flash light or torch light underneath the bottle. This will help illuminating the blob and give you maximum effect. You can also add glitter, beads etc to decorate the interior. Absence of alka-seltzer one can use salt as well. Home made Lave is easy and fun to make. Enjoy the relaxing & lovely light of your lava lamp and have Fun!
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