Lava Replacement bulb

Lava Lamp is cherished possession. Lava Lamp is not just another Lamp it is a celebrity of its own, its rock star which has been rocking the working the world for almost four decades. Made entry in mid sixties lighted lots of mind and went into assembly line manufacturing, it spread across the globe like epidemic, in seventies it was the torch bearer for hippie community, its relax, cool light became must for every dorm, club, study, teenager room, living rooms, bedroom. In eighties and nineties it kept its influence inflating and spreading new shine.

Awareness about the Lava Lamp is very important in order to look after the Lamp. Today�s modern world it has found a new meaning, better technique, premium material and various type so of illuminating Lamp. Lava lamp has majorly three component number one is

1. Glass bottle,
2. Bulb & Coil, and
3. Mutually insoluble material.
The must important component which triggers the blob formation is bulb. Bulb is made to heat the wax like material and make it loose its density and rise to create the blob like situation. Again and repeat this process and thus it creates the Lava lamp. Lava Lamp usually uses 20watts to 40 watts of bulb.

One might leave lamp to burn for 20 to 60min, it will make coil heater and will result in heating the wax material. Wax materiel melts begin to move up and when it is cool it goes towards down.

Bulb plays an important role, both illuminating the lamp and making wax blob float. It is very important to take good care of the bulb. There are many important precautions one must take related with bulb.

First and foremost is being the replacement of the bulb. One need to replace the bulb in case the existing bulb is no longer working and one need to get the lamp illuminate and thus it comes imperative to replace the existing bulb. Lava lames are widely available but die the advent of the technology, Lava Lamp is changing very fast. Always try to remove the lamp when switch power is off. Make sure that bulb is of good quality and is on working condition otherwise bulb replacement efforts would go waste. Be careful while inserting the new bulb, avoid shaking up and pressing to hard.

To replace the bulb, press on the bulb slightly and turn it clockwise and for inserting a new reaping the process like keep the bulb on the right place, press little and turn it anticlockwise.
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