Lava lamps and safety

Lava Lamps are most exotic Lamps of all times. They are not just Lamp but they are bearer of cultural heritage. Lava lamp is made of three important ingredients-

1. Water based liquid material.
2. Light bulb and coil.
3. Glass Bottle.
All above mention ingredients must be handled with great care. There are following precaution one must take while dealing with Lava LAMP. When you take care of Lava Lamp lovingly, it lasts for ever.

Never remove, loosen or unscrew the Lamp bottle. If you break the seal it will result in voiding your warranty period and also it will ruin the lava lamp. Never shake, Jig and roughly move your Lava Lamp when blob are heated. This will result in cloud formation inside the bottle, which will restrict clear view of blob motion. It might become malfunctioned permanently. Avoid direct sunlight on the lamp as it will cause colors to fade. If you wish to keep you LAVA lamp healthy always so never make him over for you, thus do not let it on for more than 10 Hours. Avoid extreme temperature conditions like too hot or too cold.

Following are the steps one must follow to keep Lava lamp safe, healthy and always lighting.

1. Always keep lava lamp at normal room temperature before switching it on.
2. Always make sure to leave the lava lamp to light for about four to six hours so that an optimal level operation can be achieved.
3. Always keep lava lamp on plane flat surface or stand. The surface must not shake, move or hit by any other object.
4. Always use only prescribed replacement bulb advised in user manual, if you use bulb varying in size and wattage, it will result in malfunctioned lamp and it will make the warranty null and void.
5. Always handle lava lamp with great care, most importantly the glass globe. The glass globe can either be broken or danged by any exterior impact.
6. Always handle the lamp with great caution when it is plugged in. It usually takes 2-3h to cool down after switched off.
7. Always remember that each lava lap is unique and must be taken care well.
8. Always make a habit of cleaning lava lamp and its globe with fine cloth and warm water. Make sure you do not shake or hit it .On must also keep in mind that it should only be cleaned when it is in cool state.
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