Lightening Lava lamps

Lightening lamps are loved by all. The more variation they can give they get more popularized. There are many types of lamps are available such as stain glass lamp, lava lamp, floral lamp and many uncountable types of lamp. The most popular by far is Lava lamp because of its unique appearance and lightening ability. Lava lamp has always been famous for its intriguing lighting. It has the patterns which always created fascination. People tend to collect lava lamp of all type. Lava lamp has changed incredible since its inception. It made a long journey and still it is reinventing itself.

Lava lamp has moving blob and matching light makes its more interesting. Lava lamp has two top component which plays important role in lighting effect. First one is liquid & wax component and second one is light producing bulb. Different combination of these components gives extremely fabulous effects. There are many types of add on material like glitter, various type of colors, bead etc can be added. Much different type of bulbs with different color of light can be used.

Lava lamp lighting has complete evolution history and till date lots of experiments has been happening. When Mr. Walker who invented this lava lamp in 1963 created this lamp he put a basic 40w lamp at the base of the lamp to produce the lightening effect. He himself experimented with various types of bulb and lighten with his Astro lamp, yes lava lamp used to be called Astro Lamp latter when it came to USA it has got this famous name. So mid sixties has and early seventies was subdued in color red and basic yellow light. Seventies has it has multiple colure lightening effects like yellow , purple, red , green and many basic colures. Vintage lightening has many types like actions, stained glass lightening etc. Lava lamps are also trapped many fascination and catchy themes.

It is important takes care of several basic things while handling with lava lamps such as, they need to be taken cared very gently, lamp should be kept in flat surface, lamp must be cleaned with soft cotton cloth with warm water, do not shake and always keep it safe from impact, if possible keep it far away from children´┐Żs reach.

One must use right combination of power bulb to give the lightening a prefect touch. Whenever replacing the bulb on must read the user manual. One use only advised set of lamps and
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