How Lava Lamps Work?

Lava Lamps are incredible Lamp which gives you retro style lighting. Lava Lamps are basically very simple lamps. It is based upon simple scientific theory and principles. It has very basic components. All Lava Lamps have following components:

1. Element which can float and make blobs. 2. Element which can allow blob to float. 3. Lamp which can provide space to blob and the liquid component. It must have capacity to provide heat to blob to keep the motion go on. In order to make the blob both the elements must be mutually insoluble. It signifies that when mixing one liquid with another liquid or element they must not mix to form another component, they stay separated however hard one tries to mix them up.

Well to make blob float there are certain chemical property of the element which must be kept in mind such as the density of component should be interchangeable or must correspond with heat like if element is heated it must of different density and when it is cool it should have different so that they floating can be achieved.

It is very simple science that if two mutually insoluble liquids are mixed and if one of them is capable of changing density with little change. So when it has higher density it sits back at the bottom and when it has lower density it rises up and makes interesting motions.

The two compounds which are used in Lava lamp are a liquid with some part of water and wax like element. One metal coil and bulb sit at the bottom of the lamp. When lamp is switched on the coil is gets heated by the bulb thus result in heating and melting the wax.

The wax gets heated and thus gets denser than the surrounding liquid and thus it rises up and flows towards the rood of the lamp and as soon as it reaches the top its becomes cool gain and now its density gets higher than the surrounding liquid so its begins to settle at the bottom.

The bulbs are usually range from 25 watts to 40watts, it might take approximately 20-50 mins to get the wax heated, become less dense to rise up, and to result in blobs.

It is very important to keep the Lamp steady once the lamp is heated and blob begin to form, otherwise it will result in emulsification which will result in cloudy blob rather than clear , beautiful blob. Enjoy the illuminating Lava Lamp.
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