Glitter Lava Lamps

Lava Lamps are beautiful liquid based lamps. Which has incredible motion patter of material inside? It gives a feel of lava flowing inside of glass bottle. Thus it is called lava lamp. It has been created by a scientist and it gain huge popularity in the world around. It has been a huge light icon for late sixties and retro seventies. It has many shades colors and ingredients that make are very especial lamp.

Lava lamp is made of two compounds which are mutually insoluble. They are mixed together and kept inside a glass bottle and lighted with light bulb with a coli this is how the lava lamp is created. The mutually insoluble compound has one compute with fast heating and coloring density. It follows a very simple scientific law which states that if lower density compound will rise and move upward while higher density compound will sit at bottom. Lava lam is mad from wax like martial mixed with liquid matter having good portion of water. Wax material has tendency to get heated and rise up and cool down and sit and bottom thus it creates very interesting blob patterns. We cam mix other ingredient to these mutually insoluble matters and make their appearance more interesting. We can add colors, beads, & glitter of various types. When lava lamp is mixed with glitter material it is called glitter lava lamp.

Glitter lava lamps have out numbered other lamps in popularity. There is huge and exponential demand for this lava lamp. People enjoy the blob of glitter moving in incredibly interesting manner in which they light up the room.

Most of people use glitter lava lamp for night light well. People prefer having glitter lava lamp in there living room as it has very soothing light and it gives relaxing g effect as well.

Glitter lamps are available in wide verity of colors, types, designs. One can actually match them with their room�s color scheme. Apart from its household use it can be used in office restaurants and clubs. One must always remember to check if glitter lava lamp comes with spare bulb or not it is advisable to buy only such lava lamp which same switch spare bulb.

Glitter lava lamp must be kept on flat surface. It should not be shaken, moved or impacted by any external object. Glitter lamp must be used not more than 10 houses continually. Always make sure to clean it with great care and clean with soft cotton and warm water. Do not keep in lamp in direct sunlight.
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