Animated lava lamps

Lava Lamp is the most fascinating object of all times, it has not only lighted our rooms, study, house, clubs but it has made a permanent mark on our hearts as well.

Lava Lam came into existence in mid sixties, it was born as chemical experiment and when it came out of lab to light outside world, it not only lighten but shaken the work with its globs moving up and down and giving a hypnotic light with mesmerizing zeal.

As its name suggests lava lamp give you the feeling of moving volcanic lava inside a glass bottle. Though every manufacturing comply claims to have their version of secret mix but lava lab contains very basic compounds and chemical principle. It has wax type material drowned in water based liquid compound. They both share difference in densities in different temperature times. Thus results in lava like motion of blobs.

Lava Lamp are available in many make and type, first Lava lamp was called by its father Astro Lamp which was christened into Lava lamp in Europe and USA and gained huge popularity. Lava lamps are available in may types like vintage lamp, Grande lamp, glitter lamp and animated lava lamp. Animated lava lamps are those lava lamps which have been crafted beautifully to give it a unique appearance. When we say animated Lava lamp which gives you old retro feeling of golden capped, red lighted lava lamp with fine craftsmanship.

Animated Lava lamp came into existence in late sixties and early seventies. They were full of floral expression and took great influence from animated lamp of 20�s which has various patterns and animation has been created on the it�s surface like jungle scenery, water fall etc.

Animated Lava Lamp is result of fine artistry and imagination. With extreme combination of light effects and ornamented floral patter make the animated Lava Lamp a piece of fine jewelry, which one would love to flaunt but needs to take care as it is expensive in cost and material as well. Though a simple version of Lava Lamp can be created in home but highly artistic lava lamp can not be prepared in house until you are a skilled craftsman with his entire accessory.

Animated Lava give a new looks to your hose its advantages as it is not only a very beautiful, unique, and colorful but it gives light as well. It is advisable to handle with care.
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