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Light or fire or torch has always been associated with civic or social change. It signifies the era of new beginning or change. Only the form like bon fire, clay lamps, torches, to light bulbs, LED etc has been changing but fire within has always been the same. There is one such story of lamp which had a long journey of traversing through several time periods and which has been surviving and changing to take contemporary look and feel. In fact it has been a mirror of contemporary art, culture and technology.

The revolutionary lamp that we have been vouching for is called Lava lamp. Lava lamps has become a novelty item which has been used as illuminating decorative Item. It contains wax material blobs which moves very interestingly and creates various patters. Suggestively the interesting motion of blobs has same rise and fall like volcanic lava. Thus it is called Lava lamp. It is also sometimes called as motion lamp. It comes with many mesmerizing colors and patterns.

This incredible and revolutionary Lamp was created by, an English engineer in 1963, called Mr. Edward Craven walker. He christened his lamp as Astro Lamp. Mr. Walker happed to create this historical lamp during his experiments accidentally. He mixed few two ingredients and a master was piece born. It hot international recognition when it got displayed in a German trade show and from there it got attention of an American business man who too this motion lamp called Astro lamp to USA in 1965 and started a mass production at Chicago. There it got its name rechristened as Lava lamp due to its motion look and feel. Lava Lamp has moved from laboratory to hearts of people and it became an Icon. There is steady progression in Lava Lamp from past decades.

In sixties Lava Lamps stirred the generation to tune in to Lava Lamp to turn on and drop out! Originally it used to be sold as ASTRO Lamp. It used to have a very distinct look with gold base with small holes. Astro Lamp used to produce simulating starlight which was certainly far out. It has stunning along with red white, yellow, also known as mellow Yellow) it has Blue shade as well. In seventies Lava light became Icon for Hippy movement. It spread like epidemic and was part of every study, every den, every hostel, room and household. It became a strong movement. It became light for hang out and relaxation. Well eighties let Lava bubble take a bigger shape. It helps the bubble to settle down and spread equally. Lava Lamps entered all the non formal location and places.

Well In nineties to till date Lava Lamp has continued its journey and has beginning to spread its wings wide again to seize the world as it has done earlier. Since its advent Lava Lamp also knows as Liquid motion Lamp has been a quite familiar object in dorms, bedrooms, living room all across the globe. United States and many other countries have completely obsessed with this epidemic Lava Lamp culture.

Lava Lamps has mesmerizing blob that delight us with its incredible motion patterns. Lava lamp stimulates eagerness to know what it is and how does it works? Well Lava Lamp is made by two mutually indissoluble elements (or liquids). Water is also present partially.

It is made of specially prepared wax material and liquid portion which has partial water contains. A bulb or coil is used to light the lamp and heat the matter as well. When lighten this combination gives a stunning blobbing movement with various light patterns. There are many wonderful and charming patterns are available to name a few are Plasma, Silver Streak, Plasma, Glitter and several more.
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